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About Bakerwood Lite Industries
The company was founded on the principles and ideals of the maker culture, and holds true to the philosophy that society advances and strengthens through the sharing of knowledge and passion.
In 2005 I worked on a production of The Tempest  that required two projectors and two dowsers... The projectors we were able to find; Dowsing was a different story. The dowsing equipment that was available at the time would have eaten our entire scenic and lighting budget. Our solution involved cardboard, gaff tape, paint poles and a freshman with very strong shoulders.
Our next production that required dowsing was in a VERY small theatre with no room in the grid for the freshman.  After several attempts at a variety of solutions, I developed the prototype that would become the ProDowser.  That first unit was small, DMX controlled and very quiet; All of the demands that I had for a commercially available unit were met.
Over the years I have made improvements in functionality and usability but the ProDowser remains essentially the same:
Simple, Intuitive Technology to Serve You.
Value Solutions for the Entertainment industry
Our headquarters are in The Wichita Design District.
We proudly embrace Wichita's tradition of Entrepreneurial Spirit.
The symbol HWE MU DUA translates to the "measuring stick" and is the Adinkra symbol of examination and quality control. This symbol signifies the need to strive for excellence in all efforts and to meet or exceed expectations.
Ed Baker is the founder of BakerWood Lite Industries. He's an Associate Professor of Theatre specializing in Technology, Innovation and Management at Wichita State University, an emeritus Fellow of Entrepreneurship with the Coleman Foundation, Production Manager for Seven Devils Playwrights Conference and a loving husband.

His Research Agenda is rooted in Entrepreneurship and Innovation as guiding principals for the creative worker and artist.

Ed is an active member in The Society of American Fight Directors and an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the arts and technology.
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