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The company was founded on the principles and ideals of the maker culture. We hold true to the philosophy that society advances and strengthens through the sharing of knowledge and passion.
Video Projector Dowser
Value Solutions for the Entertainment industry
Video projectors emit light on the screen even when no video is present, during performances that light is a problem for the lighting designer. Even with a Black Image Slide in the show loads of light pass through the optics.

The ProDowser remote projector shutter system solves the problem and does it reliably with Simple, Intuitive Technology to Serve You. The shutter flag mechanically blocks all light from the projector. The flag is made of metal with heat resistant coating to handle the heat from the projector. We use a high quality ball bearing servo motor to insure reliability. The actuator is microprocessor controlled which enables precise positioning of the flag.

Our dowsers are available in configurations for DMX control, Manual Control or flexible DMX/Manual operation.
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When our theaters go dark at the end of the night, we turn on a “ghostlight” offering visibility  and  safety  for  all  who
might  enter. This  is  our  theatrical tradition and  our inspiration.

Like a ghostlight, the light we create through our work will represent our commitment to safeguard.
It will symbolize safe harbor for our values and for any among us who find
ourselves targeted because of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, gender identity, sexu
al identity or dissident actions in the coming years. And our  lights  will  also  symbolize  hope and a  belief  that  through  our  actions  change  is possible.
So, please, let your light shine.

Bakerwood and all of our people are Ghostlights and Safety Pins. We accept all the things that might come with "Being there for our people."

Be Strong... If we don't look out for each other... No one will.